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To participate in this program, you need to accept that you’re of legal age in your state and in all situations as a lawful general arrangement; you ought to be at least 18 years.

The general public doesn’t have access to CRYPTOAGE Ltd. and is accessible to the registered members of CRYPTOAGE Ltd.

The usage of this website is limited to our participants and to people invited by them.  Each deposit will be a personal transaction between CRYPTOAGE Ltd. and its member.
As a personal contract, this program is not incorporated in US Securities Act of 1933 and any of the other rules, regulations and amendments. We do not have cover from FDIC. We‘re neither a security firm nor a licensed bank. You accept that all interactions, data and materials originating from CRYPTOAGE Ltd. ought to be kept classified, confidential, and protected from any revelation.

Additionally, the data, materials and interactions present herein shouldn’t be viewed as an enticement nor proposal or promise for investments in any authority regarding offers that are not public or illegal enticements, nor any individual to whom it is going to be illegal to present an offer like this or enticement.

Each info a member provides to CRYPTOAGE Ltd. will be utilized personally and not shown to outsiders. But, CRYPTOAGE Ltd. does not take liability or responsibility for any data loss.

You accept to dismiss any liability from all principles likewise members. The investments that you make are at your own risk and you accept that a preceding outcome is not a clear promise of comparable positive results in coming times.

You accept that all data, materials and interactions that you see on this site are meant to be watched as a matter that’s connected to education; and information however, it is not an advice for investment.

It is our right to modify the regulations, offers and commissions of the program at our own discretion, without warning, above all if carried out so as to hold the safety and interests of the members in high regard. You consent that agreeing to the current regulations is your sole duty.

CRYPTOAGE Ltd. does not take responsibility nor is it accountable for any losses, destructions, and expenses that arise from any breach of the terms and conditions and/or when a member uses our website. You assure CRYPTOAGE Ltd. that you’re not going to make use of this site in a manner which is illegal and you concede to value your local, national, and international guidelines.

Investment Regulations

Each deposit is looked upon as a personal transaction between CRYPTOAGE Ltd. and its Participants. Members carry out financial transactions at their personal will and risk.

The member independently ascertains the deposit term and size. The investment’s interest rate is added up, credited and included to the account of the investor; this’s determined by the investment plan.

It will be added each day. The main amount will be added back in your account balance following the expiration of your investment plan.

A member may opt for one of the e-currencies; PerfectMoney, Bitcoin, Payeer, AdvCash and Nixmoney for depositing. Available options for investing to USD balance are PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvCash and Nixmoney. For investing to BTC balance – BitCoin payment option.

Using the Affiliate Program

The affiliate program offers a lot of chances to make an income online. Time limitations are not present for happenings like these. Each of the participants of CRYPTOAGE Ltd. take part in the affiliate platform for CRYPTOAGE Ltd.

Users are not allowed to spread SPAM or any type of unwanted marketable email to market CRYPTOAGE Ltd. likewise this program. Individuals who send SPAM accounts will be excluded by CRYPTOAGE Ltd. in case the SPAM details are found.

Changing these Terms

CRYPTOAGE Ltd. administration preserves the right to change these Terms without the recognition of the investor. CRYPTOAGE Ltd. administration will allow investors know of such changes by publishing this data notice on the program’s site.

The alterations become useful on the day the data was placed on the website, unless it’s presented differently in a specific notice’s text.

If any of the above provisions are not tolerable to you, please don’t proceed any further.