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In the F.A.Q. part, you can get answers to usual queries.

General Queries

What is CRYPTOAGE Ltd.?

CRYPTOAGE Ltd. is a trust for investment whose registration took place in Seychelles. It operates online in obedience to the Seychelles regulations.

Who Controls the Investment Portfolio?

Our team of gifted professionals, who have been operating the market of currency exchange for about 6 years and above, controls the investment collection.

Our experience and connections enable us to right to use a huge variety of local and worldwide assets and offer gains from the most ideal equipment in the globe; these are well-organized for trading on the market for Crypto-Currency.

What requirements should I have to be a CRYPTOAGE Ltd. client?

To be among CRYPTOAGE Ltd. clients, you should form a free account. It does not consume time; however, you will have an opportunity to turn into an investor and gain profit.  Kindly analyse our Get Started page for additional details.

What number of accounts should I form in my name?

You can form an account from your computer. In case you’re using similar IP for a lot of persons, they can also register via similar IP to our website.

In what way can I use the account?

If you’re a user who is registered, hand over your username and password in suitable fields above the site and press the button for “Login”. You will instantaneously be directed once again to your account as soon as you take the above actions.

What about if I cannot remember my password and I can’t log in?

Press the link for “Forgot your password”, insert your username or e-mail as well and your login data will be transmitted to your email address.

I can’t log in to my account. What could be the cause?

At times, issues of this type are caused by your web browser’s errors. This shouldn’t be a cause for worry to you; you simply need to wait for some minutes and then try to log in once more.
Firstly, you ought to clean your browser’s cache. If the issue lingers, get in touch with our support.

What is the level of security for your website and my account data?

We own a huge variety of protective methods to secure your account. Our website is safeguarded against DDoS assaults and each transmitted information is SSL-encrypted and we use a licensed script. Our website is positioned on a dedicated server that has a firewall set up on it.

Your Investment Queries

Which e-currencies do you accept?

Nowadays, all economic markets transactions are handled at a high pace to save time. So, financial transactions executed through the internet also requires high pace. This is the why majority of financial transactions associated with investments are done via electronic currencies such as BitCoin, Payeer, PerfectMoney, AdvCash and NixMoney.

Do limitations exist for an investment sum?

The least amount for investment is $5 (0.007144 BTC for investments using BitCoin) and the maximum sum is $10 000 (14.285492 BTC for investments via of BitCoin).

After how long will my deposit be included in my account?

As soon as you deposit, your account will be updated. For BitCoin option, our system will wait till receive 3 confirmations from network, it takes around 30 minutes.

Can I make many deposits simultaneously?

Yes, it’s possible to have an unrestricted number of deposits. Though, the processing will be done separately.

Can I deposit directly from my account balance?

Yes, you can deposit from your account balance. Just log into your member account and click "Make Deposit", then select Payment System and insert the amount. Then click on "Make Deposit" button.

Following my request to withdraw, when are the funds going to be present on my account for e-currency?

Your requests will be paid within 24 hours. Please be patient.

Why is there a delay?

A number of reasons exist for ineffective payment:

  • The account number for the e-currency that will be pointed out within the course of the registration is wrong and absent.
  • Your e-currency account has a balance limitation imposed on it. Get in touch with a dealer of e-currency to provide a resolution for this issue. At times, the payment systems fail to operate, so you should wait.

How do I confirm the balance of my account?

You can verify your account data 24 hours per day, 7 days a week through our website.

How do you add up my deposit’s interest?

The interest rate is determined by the amount of deposit. Use our Profit Calculator to add up your interest.

How about the hazard posed for my investment?

The risk of invested funds being lost will always exist. For example, in case negative worldwide events occur that are not efficiently managed by the firm’s management. Marginal Currency Trading is amongst the most dangerous kinds of investments in financial markets. It is just appropriate for refined institutions and people.
But, our team consist of experts who can predict such instances and skilfully keep away from them. So, the danger of losing investments is tremendously low.

Queries on Affiliate Program

Are you in control of an affiliate program?

Yes, we possess an affiliate program of one level. Amount of affiliate commissions depend on what investment plan your referred person choose. For 2.0% daily for 7 days plan – 4%; 2.5% daily for 14 days – 5%; 3.0% daily for 21 days – 6%, 4.0% daily for 28 days – 7%; 5.0% daily for 35 days – 8%.

How am I going to acquire my referral commission?

The individual affiliate link is organized in the following manner:

“You” is your CRYPTOAGE Ltd. username. The commission for affiliate is also instantly added to your account balance. The bonus for affiliate can be withdrawn via the e-currency used by your referred person to deposit. For example, if PerfectMoney was used by your referral to deposit, you can make a withdrawal of your referral bonus via PerfectMoney.

Where can I find my affiliate links as well as your banners?

Your affiliate links and our banners and can be found on our Affiliate System page.

How will you know that I am the one who brought a new investor?

The affiliate system works in the course of registration and is totally automatic. If an investor comes in through your recommendation link, the system will handle that investor as your referral.
If your query wasn’t answered in the part for FAQs, get in touch with our Support Team. To do this, press the button for “Support” on top of the website. Our Support Team will instantly process your demand. We are delighted to get your feedback. We’ll use it to improve our website and platform.