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The data offered by the member is a significant section of our dealings with each of our customer. It’s our wish for you to know how we utilize your personal information.

We handle your data, email address and e-wallet as private. We make every effort to protect this information from any individual who is not allowed to see it. This data will not be transferred to any person by us.

We assure you that we store each of the dealings which originate from you being an associate of CRYPTOAGE Ltd. very private, and we will continue to do this and assume all possible steps to guard your data.

When presenting our economic services and products to you, we may gather precise data which is non-public about you. Conferring to our policy, we keep this data very secure and private. We’re not going to use this data for other objectives apart from providing our services, nor disclose this data to any person unless it is required by law.

Securing your privacy is vital to us.

We have implemented measures which we think are reasonably formulated to shield the privacy and safety of your data. These are all-encompassing of privacy agreements for firms that we engage to help us to offer you services, user admission to our computer files which’s password-protected and stern confidentiality policies which’re related to staff of CRYPTOAGE Ltd.