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Anti-Spam Policy

Spam involves email which is commercial or unwelcome bulk e-mail such as ‘junk mail’ which the receiver never asked for. It is offensive and normally unpleasant or unimportant and it misuses valuable resources.

Inappropriate newsgroup activities, which bring about too much posting of related materials to several newsgroups are also viewed as spam.

We don’t accept spam or UCE of any type in this program. Violators of spam policy are immediately going to be exempted from the program.

We limit the transmission of unwelcomed mass emails or emails of any type regarding the promotion of services obtainable by CRYPTOAGE Ltd.

In case any organization of internet supplier, law enforcement, web hosting dealer or other entity notifies us that you may have taken part in distributing unwanted e-mails or may have partook in sending unwelcome e-mails or might have partaken in illegal behaviour or behaviour that breaches a dealer of internet service’s terms of service or any guidelines like these or rules, we preserve the right to assist in any investigation connected to your acts, like the revelation of your account information.

When CRYPTOAGE Ltd. sends an e-mail to you, kindly remember to study your Spam folder in your service for email because some of those services for email can specify an e-mail as Spam.