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About us

CRYPTOAGE Ltd. is an establishment which was legally registered in Seychelles in April, 2015. Later this year, it was transformed to a firm of open joint-stock, to make financial products presented by the Fund obtainable for each person.

Mr. Patrick Rouger is the CEO of the establishment. The bulk of our main professionals have been with CRYPTOAGE Ltd from its launch. Our role is to provide each person the chance to reach maximum gains from investing at minimal risk.

CRYPTOAGE Ltd. is not associated with any other organization neither is it a subdivision or an associate. Therefore, it is free to make decisions that are totally autonomous. Our team consist of full-time financial experts who facilitate efficient and fast valuation of the present financial situation.

The prospect of the investment organization formed by the specialists working with CRYPTOAGE Ltd. had been the main cause for the transformation.
As the Fund has shown excellent performance and enormously developed its resources in the past, it was determined that it would begin presenting its asset products through detailed online services. 

The objective of our investment fund is to promise regular profits to private investors with real rates of risk via reinvestment of received funds into several kinds of assets.

The Fund customarily takes part in trading on markets for Crypto-Currency. It gathers pools of cash which private stakeholders deposit. Then, to follow its investment process, this money is thus reinvested in securities likewise other tools of trust management programs, strong firms, commodity securities and exchanges.

The firm’s accomplished full-time analysts involve in careful supervision of the globe’s financial state to recognize the most perfect investing choices in many sectors. This is mainly in the quick growth of some, like latest information expertise as well as inventions.

Financial markets offers a lot of output to traders but have enormous risks also, particularly regarding marginal tools. Investors ought to be prepared to agree to detailed practical risks prior to commencement of functions in the real market.

No limitations are forced on the formation of resources of the Company. This means that at all times, we are ready to present new choices for investment to offer the most ideal investment merchandises to our investors.